Tuesday, January 26, 2010

U15 Power League #1 Results

At the conclusion of the first Power League series event for the U15 age division, the Capital Ice 15's defeated PSVBA 15 National in the championship match earning the top-seed for February's second round.

The top-team teams after event #1 include:

1. Capital Ice 15

2. PSVBA 15 National

3. Narrows 15 Purple

4. Power Surge 15 Black

5. Cascade 15 Black

6. KJVBC 15 Baden

7. Puyallup Jrs. 15

8. UPVBC 15

9. OVC 15 RoShamBo

10. SIVBC 15 Typhoon

For a complete list of the final standings please visit the
Puget Sound Region website.

The second event of the Power Leagues series for the U15's is schedule to take place on February 21st.

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