Monday, January 11, 2010


The 2010 Power League series for Puget Sound Region juniors began this past weekend. Leading the way this first weekend was the U18/17 division. The Puget Sound Region sponsors four Power League age divisions, U18/17, U16/15, U14/13, and U12. The first weekend event for each age division takes place over two days of competition. The remaining three events will all be only one day.

Throughout the course of the four Power League events, teams will compete to ultimately climb the regional rankings in order to secure a higher seed for the Puget Sound Regional Championships to be held in April and May. The regional champion for each age group also earns a bid to the Junior National Championships to be held in Reno, Nevada June 24-July 3, 2010.

The top 10 seeds heading into this past weekend's first event for the U18/17 division were as follows:

1. UPVBC 18

2. WVBA 18 Mizuno

3. SIVBC 18 Tsunami

4. KJVBC 18 Baden

5. WVBA 17 Mizuno

6. The Edge 18 Black

7. ITVC 18 Asics

8. Bonney Lake 18

9. Cascade 18 Blue

10. KJVBC 17 Baden

The U16 and U15 divisions kick-off their first Power League events the weekend of January 23rd, while the U14/13 and U12 teams will compete the weekend of January 30th. Seeding for these age divisions are yet to be announced.

The following are the Power League series event schedules for each of the combined age groups:

U18/17 -

January 9-10

February 7

March 7

April 3

U16 & U15
January 23-24
February 21

March 6

April 11


January 30-31

February 20

March 7

April 10


January 31

February 20

March 7

April 10

At the conclusion of the Power League series, the age groups are separated and a regional championship will be held for each age division. For instance, the top qualifying U18 team will be seeded #1 into the U18 regional championships, as the top finishing U17 team will earn the #1 seed into the U17 regional championship event.

The regional championship dates are as follows:

May 8

U18 & U17

May 1-2

U16 & U15

April 24-25


April 25

U13 & U12

Rankings and results will be updated and posted shortly after the conclusion of each event.

Please visit the Puget Sound Region official website ( for detailed information.

Good luck to all participating teams!

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